We feel that Audio Note UK crafts the finest Audio Equipment that money can buy.


We also feel that Acoustic Portrait (AP) crafts the finest Audio Equipment “Made in India”.


For many years, Acoustic Portrait Founder Siva Sivakumar has been extremely involved with music recording and reproduction, and his philosophies about the how and why of ‘high-end’ audio has some overlap with that of Audio Note.


Using premium quality parts, and a no-compromise focus on musical realism and involvement, his “Made in India” products are reliable, high-value and above all musical.


I personally was first introduced to Shiva and his Products during the What-Hifi show in Mumbai in 2020. Apparently I was not the only one impressed by the Musicality of the AP products, as Shiva promptly won the “BEST SOUND (STEREO)” award that year.

For the love of music, Acoustic Portrait and Audio Note India have now joined hands to bring the best Musical Experience within reach for everybody. As the products of AP starts at lower price tiers than those of Audio Note UK, Audio Note India is now able bring a serious music experience to even more rooms.


We made considerable effort to assure that the components of Acoustic Portrait and Audio Note provides the required synergy. Hence combining e.g. an AP power-amplifier with an Audio Note DAC, or an Audio Note Amplifier with a AP DAC will work beautifully. Also the Audio Note loudspeakers form a surprisingly good alternative for the loudspeakers offered by AP. Then again, the AP loudspeakers work effortlessly for those who are just not into low power tube amps.


Most products of Acoustic Portrait are now available via Audio Note India, while a selection of their products are available for demonstration in the Audio Note Experience centre in Colaba, Mumbai.

 If you like to book a demo, just head to our booking page to make an appointment. More information about  Acoustic Portrait is available on their website.