We feel that Audio Note’s Zero system is a great advertisement for the benefits of partnering a good low-powered amp with sensitive loudspeakers. It’s a winning combination of cohesiveness and integration; brilliance and detail; dynamics and attack. With each individual component being very well matched,

the overall result is superb.

Audio Note often takes flack for their very high priced audio components.


Nevertheless, we relish the challenge of designing products that deliver a taste of high-end performance at more wallet-friendly prices. After all, it’s not easy to produce outstanding results within tight budget constraints, but Audio Note’s Zero System aims to do just that. It offers high-level performance at prices that are realistic.


Individually, each item boasts sonically excellent results which compare favourably with similarly priced (and more expensive) competition. But, at the same time, there’s the promise of something more: an overall result that’s greater than the sum of the parts. And it’s when you put the whole thing together that the magic begins.


In keeping with the minimalist ethos of high end, each Zero System component is a simple no-frills design. With the Zero Series, Audio Note takes a less -is- more approach, so don’t expect to find anything more than the absolute basics


Consisting of the 9 watts per channel IZero integrated amplifier, the CD Zero one box player, the CDT Zero transport, the DAC0.1x, the RZero phono-stage and the AX loudspeakers, the range not only offers performance unrivalled at this price-point, but the elegant looks and superb build quality one would expect from Audio Note.