Recently Audio Note UK together with well known valve manufacturers PSVANE, has started production of power tubes with a Molybdenum Anode.

This is not an Audio Note invention, it is simply a reflection of the fact that we always research history for the best that was made in the past which is really the only way to know whether they are moving forward or not in absolute terms. This is why I love Audio Note and the crazies who work there. No one else in the audio industry does this with any kind of consistency. So all that has happened is that new technology invented for other branches of electronics have been introduced into the audio chain in the mistaken belief that new is better. Not always true.


This is what renowned studio engineer Steve Hoffman had to say about them:

I received two of these 211 beauties, directly from the UK and they are from a special batch, a beta test batch of 50 pieces that have now been confirmed to work reliably and sound consistent. Now Audio Note have 1,000 pieces on order and are exclusive to Audio Note UK under an agreement with Psvane, hence the small badge inside the glass showing the Audio Note logo and a serial number. A nice touch.

Let me remind you all that I love Psvane tubes. I used four of their 211's in my older AN UK amps (now with @Warren Jarrett at the "Audio Home") and I never had an issue with them. In fact, I have recommended them for a long time. No firecrackers these. So this union with Audio Note UK is exciting for me. The PRICE of these is also exciting. More on that in a minute.

Molybdenum is extremely hard and difficult to work with, it has a melting point over 3,500 degrees centigrade so very specialized tooling is needed to form it and the cost of starting production is substantial and a good barrier to entry so to speak, but Audio Note will no doubt see copyists having a go, as they always do. Beware of those when they show up (as they will.)

So as a result of this, the thickness of the plate can vary. This makes some samples glow red because the plate is slightly thinner than other samples, therefore please note that this is not an issue as far as reliability is concerned! Just a pretty color.

Audio Note knows why Molybdenum sounds better, it is the same reason that silver sounds better and it has taken years of AN's research into molecular and crystaline structures in many different metals to gain a deeper understanding of this. It's what they live for over there. They do the work, we reap the benefits.

Obviously I'm an Audio Note UK fanboy unabashed. They actually take the time to do proper research into what makes the sound different and better. I don't think anyone else does this in the audio industry much, so when people complain that what AN UK makes is soooo overpriced they really have no idea what the hell they are talking about, and that especially includes their competitors. Rant over.


So, if you have an amplifier of any make that uses a 211 radio transmitting tube or a 300B type tube (valve), contact your Audio Note UK dealer and grab these. They are NOT expensive, they sound amazing, and they won't blow up. Did I say they sound amazing?